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Spring 2021, COVID-19


Important Dates to Calendar!

April 19th-April 30thCMAS State Testing Window, Grades 3-5
Friday, April 23rd: Asynchronous Learning Day 3-5
Friday, April 30th: Asynchronous Learning Day K-5

2020-2021 Bell Times

The school’s bell times are 8:00a-2:45p Monday through Friday.  Each grade has a specific drop-off and pickup time to ensure appropriate temperature checks and social distancing.  Please see below. 

All drop-off and pickup times are staggered.  Families MUST use the car lane and participate in the health screening before departing school.  We will welcome walkers away from the car lane!

ECE Classrooms:

Please note: all ECE families must park their car and sign in their student.  Please wait in your car until your classroom’s designated times.  Please use the socially distant spots on the ground to wait your turn.  Thank you!

8:00-8:15a, 2:30-2:40p: Mrs. Miriam & Ms. Jazell (front of building in morning, playground in afternoon)

8:15-8:30a, 2:40-2:50p: Mrs. Amanda & Ms. Shelly (east side of building)

8:30-8:45a, 2:50-3:00p: Ms. Debbie and Ms. Alondra (front of building)

Elementary Classrooms:

DROP-OFF (staggered for social distancing):

8:00-8:15a: Kindergarten & 1st Grade; westside doors and car loop.  

8:15-8:30a: 2nd & 3rd Grade; westside doors and car loop.

8:15-8:25a: 4th Grade; east side car loop

8:15-8:30a: 5th Grade; east side car loop.

Siblings are able to come together; family members must wait for all students to be screened before departing school.  

  • Note: If classes miss their drop-off window, they need to wait until 8:45a once all of ECE students have made their way into the building.

PICKUP (staggered for social distancing):

2:30-2:45p: Kindergarten & 1st Grades; westside car loop

2:45-3:00p: 2nd & 3rd Grades; westside car loop

2:40-2:50: 4th Grade; east side car loop

2:50-3:00p: 5th Grade, east side car loop

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

COVID-19 Trainings & Resource Documents

COVID-19 Family Training Video ENGLISH: Click to view!, SPANISH: Click to view!

Return to School Safety & Virtual Plans: ENGLISH & SPANISH

ECE Drop-off, Pickup, & Cleaning Expectations ENGLISH: Guidelines for Opening; SPANISH: Guidelines for Opening

At Home Screening Guide for Families & Staff: At-Home Symptom Screening for Parents and Staff

DPS Decision Tree Related to COVID-19, updated September 11th: COVID-19 Screening and COVID-19 Testing Decision Tree (3)

CDPHE’s Cases & Outbreaks in Schools (this is with the guidance from DDPHE): 100420_REVISION_COVID-19 _Guidance_ Cases-and-Outbreaks-in-Schools (1)

DPS Student & Staff COVID-19 Data –

Free Testing Sites for DPS Students & Families –; additionally, the Montbello Rec Center is providing free testing Monday through Friday at 15555 East 53rd Avenue.  

Become a Charter School Advocate!

As an A360 family member, you are a vital member of the Colorado charter school community. Because of the great options they often represent, charter schools are now serving over 125,000 children across Colorado. As a member school of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, we would like to encourage you to sign up to receive messages from the League’s Colorado Charter Advocacy Network (COCAN) to stay informed about issues that affect our school and the charter community. You can also text “COCAN” to 52886.

COCAN was designed to keep charter school families and supporters informed about pressing issues impacting our school and to provide you with an opportunity to speak up and advocate for your student. The more charter families are ‘in the know’ about issues affecting charter schools, the more proactive we can be and the better it is for our school. SIGN UP FOR COCAN HERE

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