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Denver Public School District: Financial Transparency Standard Template

Required Financial Transparency


Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-44-304

(Commencing July 1, 2016)

  • District Adopted Budget – Including Uniform Budget Summary (current and prior two years)
  • District Financial Audit (current and prior two years)
  • Quarterly Financial Statements (current and prior two years)
  • Salary Schedules or Policies (current and prior two years) – n/a. Academy 360 does not have a salary schedule or policy. The school seeks to stay within 10% of the Denver Public School’s salary scale, and takes into consideration expertise/qualifications, experience, tenure at Academy 360, and position need when determining an employee’s salary. Academy 360 is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Accounts Payable Check Registers (current and prior two years)
  • Credit, Debit and Purchase Card Statements (current and prior two years) – See link for debit card statements. Academy 360 does not have any credit cards or purchase cards.
  • Investment Performance Reports or Statements (current and prior two years) – n/a
  • Individual School Site Financial Information* (districts identified as small/rural with less than 1,000 K-12 students, and having no charter schools, required to post district level financial information only) – n/a (all school financials are linked above)
  • Other District-Specific Financial Information – n/a

All documents must be posted or updated within 60 days after completion or receipt of the applicable report, statement or document.

*Individual school site financial information is required to be posted no later than March 1st, 2017

Standard Disclaimer: Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable when placed in the proper context. We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or records.

Contact Information:

Sally Sorte

Executive Director

(303) 574-1360

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Linda Arnold

Financial Consultant, Abstract Insights

(303) 669-3798

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Denver Public Schools

1860 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

(720) 423-3200


Required Link: Colorado Department of Education School Finance Division

DPS Required Link:

Board Meeting Minutes – Sunshine Law

List of Academy 360 Waivers from State Statute (HB 17-1375)