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Family & Community Engagement

Family Communication during COVID-19

May 18, 2020

Hello A360 Families!  We are in the final two weeks of this spring’s online learning.  No video updates for the week; please complete this survey if you have not done so related to next fall’s hybrid learning –

RMPBS is broadcasting Colorado Classroom: Read with Me at Home as a free in-home early reading resource for all Colorado families with K-3rd grade children, including those who may not have consistent access to high-speed internet.

Broadcasting on RMPBS channels statewide in English with Spanish closed-captioning, the program provides fun early literacy lessons with Master Teachers from around Colorado to help children and their parents stay engaged in learning to read.

Parents and caregivers can access these resources at or by calling RMPBS toll free, at 800-274-6666.


May 11, 2020

Hello Academy 360 Families – Attached is the family announcement for May 11th; this message focuses on Fall 2020 planning knowing we most likely need to prepare for a hybrid of small group in-person learning and online learning.  A survey will be sent in the next day or two for family feedback.
May 4, 2020
Happy Monday, A360 Families! Please “listen” to this week’s announcements –
It’s Virtual Spirit Week!  Students and staff will be participating all week!

Monday, May 4th:  Stuffies! During office hours, students bring their favorite stuffed animal.

Tuesday, May 5th:  Wear your favorite color

Wednesday, May 6th:  Wacky Wednesday, dress up wacky!

Thursday, May 7th: Book Character Day! Students dress as their favorite book character.

Friday, May 8th: Show & Tell

April 27, 2020
Happy Monday, A360 Families! Please “listen” to this week’s announcements –
April 20, 2020
Happy Monday, A360 Families! Please “listen” to this week’s announcements –
April 13, 2020
Click here for updates, in both English and Spanish – April13thVideo
Click here for more information about wireless services –
April 6, 2020
Online learning starts TOMORROW, April 7th; please listen to updates from Mrs. Becky provided here – CLICK HERE – April 6th Updates

Lamentamos que esta comunicación no esté en español; ¡por favor contacte a la Sra. Rosie, 303.210.5719, para recibir apoyo!

UPDATE: Struggle of Love Food Bank is 11a-2p, not 11a-4p.  Our apologies!


April 2, 2020
Hi A360 Families – 
As we experience a third week being apart, know how much our staff is missing your students and you.  As you may have seen yesterday, Governor Polis extended the in-school learning closures through the end of April.  While we know COVID-19 continues to create additional hardships, know that A360 teachers are committed to providing you as much instructional content as we are able.  There is a lot in this email about online learning starting next Tuesday; we hope to not overwhelm you, but rather set up both you and your students for success next week and the weeks to follow.  Some of these tech platforms will be new to you, but familiar to your students!  
Online Learning: Starting Tuesday, April 7th
Each day by 9:00a, teachers will post a morning message for their students and lesson plans will be uploaded onto Google Classroom under “Classwork”.  The work is created in a way that students can work on them independently and with minimal supplies (their computer and sometimes pencil and paper).  Everything will be organized in folders through Google Classroom and assignments will have due dates, although we certainly understand things come up and assignments may need to be submitted late.  Please do your best to complete assignments daily, or if need be, weekly.  
Content Areas
There will be daily lessons in Literacy (50 minutes), Math (50 minutes), English Language Development (30 minutes for students that are English Language Learners), Science (30 minutes), Social Studies (30 minutes), Art (20 minutes) and PE (20 minutes).  Students can reduce their IStation minutes to 15-20 for Reading and Math daily; upper elementary students should continue their Common Lit and Khan Academy assignments.  
Office Hours
Teachers will host video office hours from 1-3p daily; there will be a link posted on their Google Classroom under “Stream”.  These hours are a great time to ask questions should your student be struggling with an assignment.  This link will remain live throughout those two hours; students can click on and off the video as needed.  Teachers will be off camera and have their sound on mute until they hear a student come onto video.  NOTE: Please remember that while your student will be the one primarily on video, often things can be seen in the background.  It is recommended to find a space in your home where students can focus on their work in a space where video can also be used, if necessary.  Even if your student does not have a question, this live stream will allow your student to see their teacher everyday, which could just be good for the heart!
We would like to make Tuesday, April 7th’s office hours mandatory for all 2nd through 5th grade students, so we as staff can help ground academic expectations for your students.  If your schedule allows, please try and prioritize 1pm on Tuesday, April 7th.  
K-5 teachers will be taking attendance everyday by 5pm.  Attendance will be determined in a few different ways: good faith effort of engaging in the lessons online, coming to teacher office hours, responding to teacher’s questions on Google Classroom, completing IStation minutes and more.  The front office will also be checking in regularly throughout the week if we see your student’s attendance is low.  It is so very important that your student attends online school everyday.
Daily Schedule, Monday through Friday
While we understand you need to create a daily schedule best for all people in your home, we recommend setting aside at least four hours of instructional time for your student and using PE and meals/snack as breaks from computer learning.  Lessons will post daily at 9am, teachers will have “live” office hours from 1-3pm and teachers are expected to take attendance by 5pm.  
Paper Packet Pickup & Supplies
DPS is making work paper packets available at its food distribution sites.  Those sites closest to our neighborhood are the Montbello Campus at 50th and Crown and the Evie Dennis Campus at Green Valley Ranch Boulevard and Telluride Street; pickup packets, food, or both from 11:00a-12:30p Monday through Friday.  Food is also available for adults –
Additionally, starting this Friday (4/3), Academy 360 is making available in its lobby: paper, pencils, and crayons; please take what you need for your students.  Our lobby is open 7a-6p Monday through Friday.
Computer Time Restrictions
Students are able to access their computers Monday through Friday, 7a-7p and on Saturdays from 9a-1p.  YouTube is now unblocked from the computers but SafeSearch is still on.  Please continue to supervise your students when they work on their computers.  
ECE Families
You will receive a separate email this afternoon as to what you can expect from the ECE team members.  Thank you for your continued patience and advocacy.  
I have attached a few images and a video on Google Classroom.  Please use if you find helpful!
Remember, none of us (families, teachers, admin, students) are expert online instructors – we are all in this new, mandatory way of educating your student.  With a little bit of patience and learning along the way, together, we can do this!  We have always been a team in your student’s education and we will need each other’s partnership even more than ever!  Everyday we all become a bit more tech savvy and are always happy to share our learnings with you.  
We are sending a HUGE amount of love to each of you.  Please continue to call/text/email us with questions.  We’ve got this!  
March 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday, Academy 360 Families –

Information distribution, resource sharing, and online instructional planning is moving at a rapid pace.  Here are more things you need to know as the extended break ends on Friday, April 3rd and as remote learning begins on Tuesday, April 7th.

K-5 Instruction – April 7th

Our teachers have begun working on remote instructional learning, which begins on Tuesday, April 7th.  While we certainly understand the strain this puts on our families and have gotten feedback that this attempt at homeschooling has been beyond challenging, we hope that come 4/7, our K-5 students will be regularly and consistently engaging in their lessons and academic work at least four hours daily.  The instruction will be delivered through the Google Classroom platform and will consist of a combination of independent work, instructional video tools, blended learning websites (Common Lit, Khan Academy, Splash Math) and more for each content area (Literacy, Math, Writing, etc.).

Teachers will host daily office hours – they are more than willing to support you and your students through this new process. We recommend thinking about a daily, consistent schedule that works best for adults and students.  We will have more information as we near 4/7, but wanted families to have ample time to think about the instructional time goals and create a daily schedule that works for everyone in the household.  Kindergarten Families, please look for an email from Mrs. Kristen to your email address; we will be inviting you as parents/guardians to join Google Classroom as to break down the technology barrier for our younger learners less familiar with the platform.  

Internet Access

Great news!  Xfinity has opened up all its hot spots for free!  Linked here is more information –  Below is a screenshot of all hotspots in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch.  Should you live outside those neighborhoods, you can search for your zipcode on their website.  Should you still be having difficulty with access, please email me directly.

Computer Access

Thank you to everyone that completed the DPS technology survey – only a few of you need a computer from us.  Ms. Rosie will be reaching out to make appointments for pickup this Thursday (3/26).  There is a very specific way in which we are to give you the device; please stay in your car and wait directly in front of the school building at your appointment time.

ECE Families 

We thank you for your continued advocacy and requests of resources as we hope to keep our youngest learners engaged.  The English/Spanish bilingual attachment is a helpful resource as it outlines and recommends a daily schedule, blended learning sites, at home activities and more.  As it relates to technology, DPS nor Academy 360 has enough computer devices at this time to hand out to all preschoolers. Several of the websites recommended on the attached can be accessed via cell phones and all families should plan to use that device at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep families posted should that change.  The ECE team is getting on a call Friday to identify additional ways in which families can engage students beyond what the attachment suggests.  We thank you for your continued patience!

Additional Updates

  1. The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer season is on pause for the moment.  We hope to have more information about the season as we get closer to April 17th;
  2. Girls on the Run (GOTR) has been cancelled for the spring.  If you paid electronically, the money has been refunded to you.  If you paid in cash, the school will get that reimbursement to you.  We plan to have GOTR in both fall and spring in the 2020-2021 school year;
  3. Rocky Mountain PBS will be aligning its television programming to instructional content beginning Tuesday, April 7th.  More information is coming, but plan on tuning in to PBS, if able!

Should you have questions or concerns about anything mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to me directly – email hidden; JavaScript is required or communicate directly to your teacher.  The (720) 336-0320 number is still available for texting needs.  Additionally, DPS is always updating resources here –

We know these are unique and challenging times and uncertainty can be extremely stressful.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU and ready to help!  No ask is too big – just let us know what you need.

Be well, stay well and talk soon, Becky

March 20, 2020

Hello Academy 360 Families –

I hope this update finds you staying safe and healthy during these unique
times in our society.  By now, I am sure you are aware of the Governor’s
Executive Order to close all public and private schools through Friday,
April 17th with a return anticipated for Monday, April 20th.  Since this
announcement, both DPS and A360 teams have been joining together to figure
out what this means for instruction for your students while at home.  While
we do not have all the answers today, I would like to send you
updates/tasks being worked on:

I had the first of many conversations with teachers today to identify ways
in which we can deliver direct instruction to your students; the goal is to
have this method identified and ready to be used by *Tuesday, April 7th*.
In the meantime, K-5 students should keep working on paper assignments,
tasks posted in Google Classroom, IStation minutes, etc.  Currently, we are
considering our lead teachers recording themselves teaching lessons on
YouTube, then either posting it to Google Classroom or emailing it directly
to families for them to access on their schedule.  The goal would be that
students access these videos daily for instruction.  We hope to supplement
these lessons with paper materials to support the learning.  *Should we go
this route, we will give access to YouTube and limit the times in which
students can log onto their Chromebooks (for example, 8am to 6pm).
SafeSearch will still be on and families will need to monitor their
student’s computer use.  *

You may receive an email from the district inquiring about computer use,
access, etc. – if you have not yet received a device from us, go ahead and
complete the survey as the information will get to us.

*Students with IEPs*
Should your students receive special education services, the goal is to
have those videos emailed directly to both parent/guardian and the student
(for privacy protection).  Should you have questions about this
specifically, please be sure to email Mr. Wright at email hidden; JavaScript is required

*Computer and Materials Access*
We are grateful that we were ahead of most schools in this regard as we
were able to get into your hands both your student’s computer and paper
materials earlier this week.  If you were unable to get these materials, we
will schedule another day or two in which you can come safely into the
school to access these materials – probably later next week.  ECE families,
I am working with DPS to see if we can get preschoolers computers.  Until
then, we hope to identify ways to engage students through online platforms
you can access on your phones, like YouTube, etc.

Things are moving quickly and we will try and get you communication as
quickly as possible.  Please continue to check email, Facebook and text
messages.  Should you need anything immediately, please email me (or Rosie)

Love to our entire A360 community!


Hello Academy 360 Families – please remember to practice drop-off and pickup safety with your car and students.  When dropping off your student, please either use the drive lane OR park your car and walk in your student.  Please do not let students run from anywhere in the parking lot – it is a terrible accident waiting to happen.  We appreciate your attention to safety!