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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are free, open-enrollment, public schools that are given autonomy over curriculum, finances, and hiring in exchange for promising excellent results for kids.

Who does Academy 360 serve?

Academy 360 currently serves ECE (4-year-olds) through 4th grade students.  Next year, we will expand to 5th grade.  Academy 360 will continue to grow by a grade level each year until we serve ECE through 5th grade students, with the long-term vision to educate students cradle to career.


Where is Academy 360 located?

Academy 360 is located at 12000 E 47th Ave, across the street from the post office. The cross streets are 47th Avenue and Paris Street; we are just two blocks west of Peoria St.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, Academy 360 is a part of the Far Northeast Success Express, a bus route that circulates Montbello and Green Valley Ranch. Pick-up and drop-off points are located at schools throughout the neighborhood.

Is there After-School Care?

Yes, Academy 360 has educational and active after school care each day. Prices for aftercare will be available at Registration.

Do Academy 360 students wear uniforms?

Yes, our uniform top is a grey or navy polo with the Academy 360 logo and can be purchased at school. The cost of each shirt is $10. Students wear navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts (with leggings or tights underneath) which can be purchased at any clothing store of your choice. Because we move throughout the school day, including during PE class, all students wear sneakers.


Will Academy 360 prepare children for college?

Yes. We believe that college preparation starts before birth, which is why we offer parent education classes on nutrition and early literacy. Academy 360 believes that every child should have the choice to attend a 4-year college, and will implement a rigorous curriculum, research-driven teaching practices, intensive professional development for staff, and data-driven interventions in order to prepare every child for success in school, college, and beyond.


What does it mean to be a Health & Wellness school?

Academy 360 is committed to developing the whole child mind, body, character. Healthy students learn better, so we see health and wellness as a key lever to propel students’ academic achievement. By using proven best practices adopted from Namaste Charter School, a comprehensive health and wellness school in Chicago, and other schools integrating aspects of health and wellness into their curricula, Academy 360 will be on the cutting edge of whole child development through its design, culture, and instruction.

On the daily level, students start their day with Morning Movement to wake up their bodies and minds, every child enjoys a nutritious breakfast and lunch, students engage in guided play during recess, physical and wellness education blocks provide time to stimulate brain development and practice healthy habits, movement is integrated throughout the day to improve neural functioning, and every child has access to a neighborhood school-based health center to receive health care.