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Real-World Learning

Academy 360 classrooms are alive with discovery, critical-thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Lessons have explicit purpose, guided by learning targets for which students take ownership and responsibility.

Rigorous Academics and Real-World Learning

Our school has a rigorous curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum promotes a high level of student engagement through real-world learning focused on issues of concern to students. Teachers seek to integrate relevant fieldwork and service components.



Each student at our school is a member of a class crew. Crews discuss news and events, learning and experiences, and plan learning together. The BrainWise curriculum is implemented school wide during crew to promote social-emotional learning and development. Crews also have common adventure and service experiences to develop teamwork and friendship. At Academy 360, fitness and nutrition are a part of daily crew experiences. Teachers are crew leaders who get to know students well and develop lasting relationships to support students over time.

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Building Character and an Ethic of Service

Service permeates the school community both as an important element of academic work and as an ethic that fosters mutual respect and support among all members of the school community. At Academy 360, we are crew not passengers, which means that every individual is a valued and responsible team member. Students also learn that character habits essential to success.

Academy 360 integrates character into academic instruction to promote performance character traits and social-emotional development.  Our character traits are A. G.R.I.T. (Advocacy, Graciousness, Responsibility, Integrity and Tenacity).



5th grade students at our school organize and reflect on their work in portfolios. As they approach continuation to the next grade level, students select examples of their work in each academic discipline to build presentation portfolios that are presented to a panel of adults.

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