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Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Colorado Definition of MTSS

Response to Intervention is a framework that promotes a well-integrated system connecting general, compensatory, gifted, and special education in providing high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention that is matched to students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. At Academy 360, components of the RTI model will be integrated into students’ Personal Learning Plans to meet individual needs.

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MTSS at Academy 360

Six week cycles of data collection, evaluation, and feedback for teachers and students will allow for a robust response to intervention system. Students struggling with instruction at the universal level will be targeted for additional support, and monitored for the success of that support. Students still not mastering material will be given more intensive interventions.

The School Intervention Team will meet weekly to plan, assess, and revise interventions that will be implemented for students struggling either academically or behaviorally. These data-driven interventions provide a process through which students of need are identified, given support, and followed up with to ensure progress.

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