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Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

The Colorado Department of Education defines Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) as a prevention-based framework of team-driven data-based problem solving for improving the outcomes of every student through family, school, and community partnering and a layered continuum of evidence-based practices applied at the classroom, school, district, region, and state level (CDE, 2016).

The framework of MTSS utilizes evidence-based instruction, intervention, and assessment practices to ensure that every student receives the appropriate level of support to be successful. MTSS aims to support ALL students including gifted learners, English learners, and struggling learners.

The MTSS process helps schools and districts organize resources through the alignment of academic standards and behavioral expectations. By systematically evaluating and analyzing student progress through ongoing universal screening and progress monitoring, school teams are able to more efficiently use available resources and improve student performance. Information gathered from school-wide and student-specific data allows educators to problem-solve many educational challenges in the general education environment and use additional resources for students who require more intensive instruction and intervention. Throughout the process, the MTSS team seeks input from all key players for support and services. These key players include, but are not limited to, leadership staff, grade level teachers, interventionists, psychologists, social workers, English Learner specialists, Gifted and Talented specialists, learning support staff, parents, and the students themselves.

Implementation is dependent on a problem solving culture, which may require a shift in thinking, to recognize that student achievement comes from a collective responsibility of all key players to ensure an appropriate fit of curriculum, instruction, and environment that enables student learning.

Learn more at http://www.cde.state.co.us/RtI/LearnAboutRtI.htm

Six week cycles of data collection, evaluation, and feedback for teachers and students will allow for a robust response to intervention system. Students struggling with instruction at the universal level will be targeted for additional support, and monitored for the success of that support. Students still not mastering material will be given more intensive interventions.

The MTSS Team will meet weekly to plan, assess, and revise interventions that will be implemented for students struggling either academically or behaviorally. These data-driven interventions provide a process through which students of need are identified, given support, and followed up with to ensure progress.

Families will receive notice of the meeting prior to discussing their student.  To OPT OUT of MTSS services, please complete this form – https://forms.gle/79MMmnmZxo71Bn4n9

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