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Mission At Academy 360, we are driven by the mission to develop students’ minds, bodies, and characters so they may lead healthy and fulfilling lives in school, college, and beyond.  


Our vision is to set a new precedent for how a school serves the community.  Through placemaking and community partnerships, continually expanding our wraparound services, and growing to serve prenatal through 5th grade – and eventually cradle to career – we seek to provide a whole child education in a safe, equitable learning environment.  A few overarching targets:

  1. Culture of AcademicsAcademy 360 moves from a growth institution to a proficient one. 
  2. Culture of Staff Academy 360 attracts and retains a family of lifelong learners with grit and growth mindsets in an inclusive environment.
  3. Culture of Community – Through health and wellness efforts, Academy 360 activates Montbello’s values of pride, diversity, and dignity through placemaking and partnerships.
  4. Culture of Inclusivity – Through embracing qualities that make each of us unique, Academy 360 strives to empower individual students learning strengths and abilities.

Equity Statement

In partnership with DPS, we know racial and education equity is our collective responsibility.  We will achieve equity when we dismantle deeply rooted systems of oppression that have historically resulted in inequitable access and distribution of opportunities and resources for those who represent marginalized identities, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, and ability.

At Academy 360, we will create and foster whole child supports – both within our school community and in partnership with community members – that create conditions where we all belong, are included, have clear purpose (“the why”) and have the autonomy to lead in our respective areas.  By creating these conditions, we will eliminate the predictability of success or failure for our students, their families, and our staff members. 

Belief Statement

Our relationship with our students is the most powerful tool we have as educators. Relationships is the #1 driver in our community (students, staff, and families) and is at the heart of everything we do. 

21-22 Academic Data

Academy 360’s students showed resilience and grit this school year.  Our community is proud that 63% of our students are on grade level reading proficiency, per iStation.  Additionally, 66.5% of the student body made over 1.5 years of growth this school year.  CONGRATULATIONS, students!  Check out our visuals!



What Makes Us Unique?

1. We are a small learning community; we serve each child equitably, meeting both their academic and social-emotional needs, understanding their codependence;
2. We prioritize social-emotional wellness through daily instructional blocks that include a variety of evidence-based curricula, including: Random Acts of Kindness, Mind Up, Little Justice Leaders, Zones of Regulation and more;
3. We use rigorous instructional curriculum, including: Engage NY, EL Modules, and ELA Achieve;
4. Our school culture runs deep and strong.  We are proud of our classroom management system that is grounded in whole-child supports like restorative practices and positive behavior interventions.  We are able to maximize instruction when a student is in need as we respond swiftly and intentionally;
5. We’ve cultivated a family of exceptional teachers and staff members that believe deeply in our mission and selflessly serve our students beyond academics and the classroom;
6. Our daily schedule, includes daily PE and Recess, totaling 60 minutes of activity a day;
7. We staff our educational team with mental health providers, so that children and their families have immediate support and healing for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can oftentimes inhibit a student from learning.  We have three full-time providers for our community of 200 learners;
8. We believe deeply in whole-family supports, and have a family therapist on staff with over 10 years of experience in the Montbello community;
9. Our preschool program is a Colorado SHINES Level 4 program and has maintained that rating since its opening in 2015;
10. We have 9 community partners that reside with us in our building, offering wrap-around services to both Academy 360 families and the greater Montbello neighborhood, which is changing the narrative of how a school can serve its community;
11. Family and student satisfaction levels are high.  In our most recent family satisfaction survey, 92.7% of families were satisfied with our performance, outpacing the district average.  Student satisfaction was at 89.5%;
12. We are expanding our educational services.  We are welcoming 8-10 students with M/I autism in Fall 2021 and possibly a Model 1 program for 3-4 year old preschoolers with moderate to severe special needs.

Community Commitment

Academy 360 is a founding member of the Montbello Community Building.  Partners seeks to build neighborhood relationships through education and community programming to meet the needs of children and their families in the Montbello and Far Northeast communities – truly offering a wraparound services approach.

Learn about the amazing resources and supports we have on campus to support our students, families, educators, and folks in Montbello. 

Want to learn more? Check out our videos!

  1. A Little Community Doing BIG Things!

2. Active Bodies, Active Minds.  This video was originally created as part of the Colorado Health Foundation’s KaleidosCOpe statewide storytelling campaign in 2016.