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Academy 360 is driven by the mission to develop students’ minds, bodies, and characters so they may lead healthy and fulfilling lives in school, college, and beyond.

Want to learn more?  Check out our video- Active Bodies, Active Minds.  This video was originally created as part of the Colorado Health Foundation’s KaleidosCOpe statewide storytelling campaign in 2016.


Our vision is to set a new precedent for how a school partners with community. Through school-linked health services, continually expanding our wrap-around services, and growing to serve pre-natal through 5th grade — and eventually cradle to career — we seek to provide a 360-degree education.

Academy 360 seeks to serve the unique needs of our community and to engage family and community members in the educational development of our students.

We want to create a safe, equitable school community where the following are true:

  • Students and staff want to be here
  • True mind, body, character (360) learning is taking place
  • The narrative of our children and our community is transformed

Staff & Student Culture

We the staff, students, and community at A360 embrace and recognize our diversity and differences. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining a school environment that provides ALL students with positive social, emotional, behavioral and academic skills necessary to achieve academic personal growth.
We believe that behavior that is challenging is an opportunity to know and understand our students, families and ourselves better each and every day and to become more responsive and effective teachers and students.