Kristen Freeman

Director or Academics

Kristen grew up in a small town in Central Texas and attended Texas State University in San Marcos Texas. She majored in interdisciplinary studies and received a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. A few years later Kristen returned to Texas State to complete a Masters degree in Talent Development with a minor in Reading Instruction. Kristen has taught in public and private schools throughout Texas. She has had the privilege of teaching a multi-age primary classroom, a mixed age 1st – 3rd grade classroom, and several self-contained 2nd grade classrooms. Additionally, she has two years experience as a reading specialist for struggling readers in grades kindergarten through 5th grades.  She serves as the Gifted & Talented Coordinator for the school.  Kristen believes that each child has a specific set of skills and talents and as an educator it is her job to help students find and grow those talents. When she is not teaching, she enjoys playing with her dogs, going on hikes, of settling in with a good book. Above all Kristen believes in the power of YET, if you do not know what that is, just ask her, she would love to tell you!